Who is Marty Andrews?

Marty spent nearly a decade working for software consulting companies in Australia, during which time many large corporate clients discovered he had a knack for being patient and methodical in even the most high stress software development teams. He considers himself a programmer at heart, regularly cutting code in both Java and Ruby (on Rails), but also spends a lot of time coaching in agile processes to improve team effectiveness over time.

Having left Thoughtworks in late 2006 to pursue a career as an independent consultant, Marty is now a member of Cogent Consulting. He spends much of his time collaborating with Steve Hayes and other Cogent associates in his work. He lives in the suburbs of Melbourne with his wife Simone, and manages to find some spare time playing competitive 8-Ball.

What happened to “Wry Tradesman”?

Wry Tradesman is an anagram of Marty Andrews. This site used to be hosted at wrytradesman.com, but Marty ultimately changed it because silent letters in domain names suck. So this new site was born instead. The old site will redirect to this one for a while, so links should still work.

If you’re actually looking for a real tradesman (as in the handy man type), then try going to the Tradesman Australia Directory instead.