Software Development

Marty spends his days working on Software Development projects in Australia. His background is in enterprise class Java applications. Systems integration work is a given in these style of applications. They’ve commonly been web applications, with a strong emphasis on banking in recent years. Most recently, he’s doing some work in Ruby on Rails as well.

Agile Processes

Since the year 2000, Marty has been an active supporter of agile development processes. He has been a regular member of the Melbourne XP Enthusiast group in the past, and ran the Sydney XP Activity Club for 12 months whilst he was residing in Sydney. Marty continues to work as an agile coach today.

Professional Background

Marty has spent nearly a decade working for consulting companies, where he got the opportunity to spend time working with dozens of large corporate clients throughout Australia. His move towards agile processes led him to work for ThoughtWorks for three years, and then into more independent work as a consultant as a member of Cogent Consulting.


Marty’s been playing competitive 8-Ball for 14 years, and still spends a lot of his time involved in that after hours. He represented Victoria at the National 8-Ball Championships in both 1999 and 2005, and continues to be captain or vice-captain for teams playing at the highest level in the state.